"What the government gives, it must first take away." -- John Strider Coleman

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There are a few different ways that you can contribute to the Speciale for NC House campaign. The campaign accepts PayPal, most major credit cards including bank/debit cards (through PayPal) and checks.
A list of links to assist you if you need to register, contact the State Board of Elections or keep up with any updated election information within your county.
I was born in Chicago, Illinois and came to North Carolina at age 18 as a US Marine. I spent much of my Marine Corps career in Eastern North Carolina at Camp Lejeune and Cherry Point.
Highways, bridges, and ferries are a legitimate function of government. The Ferry is nothing more than a bridge from one land mass to another. Had the State built a bridge where the ferries are now, surely they would not have charged a toll.
Do you know an event that Michael should attend? Contact Michael Speciale...
Terry and Carolyn Williams invite you to a Meet and Greet for Michael Speciale on Saturday, September 22 from 1-3 pm in Chocowinity.
Endorsed by the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) North Carolina
I read the Declaration of Independence on July 4th, beginning at high noon. Why at high noon? This is where we are with regard to our Independence. We are at high noon.
How is it that President Obama can usurp Congressional authority and make law through Executive Orders? I understand Executive Orders to be the vehicle intended to be used by the President to promulgate policy within the Executive Branch.
I thank everyone who helped on my campaign, and I thank all of the citizens who voted in this Primary Election. I thank both of my Primary opponents who, throughout the entire campaign, remained Statesmen and honorable men.
For the first time in decades, a trio of Republicans are seeking their partyís nomination to this districtís General Assembly seat in the state House.
Michael Speciale, a candidate running for North Carolina House in District 3, has won the endorsement of the Republican Liberty Caucus of North Carolina.
We have video from the Candidates Forum sponsored Tuesday night (4-3-12) by the Beaufort Patriot TEA Party, the Beaufort Observer and the County Compass.
Itís time for North Carolina to stand up to the federal government and oppose any mandates that exceed the authority granted to it under the U.S. Constitution.
There was a meet and greet event sponsored by the Pamlico County Republican Party on Tuesday, March 27th at the Bayboro Courthouse.
Many solutions presented by our elected Representatives are little more than trade-offs, trading one problem for another. We need Representatives who will look beyond the intent of their legislative agenda, and focus on all possible outcomes of what is legislated.
Video of Michael Speciale's interview on the Phil Knight Show
It is High Noon in America. The eleventh hour has passed, and we have reached critical mass regarding the continuance of Liberty. The time for sitting idly by and watching the show has come and gone, we must now all become players in the game. The issue is not healthcare. It is not taxes.
Local activist Michael Speciale (pronounced spe sha lee) has announced his candidacy for the North Carolina House of Representatives for District 3. This District includes all of Pamlico County, as well as portions of Craven and Beaufort Counties.
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