"What the government gives, it must first take away." -- John Strider Coleman

The Issue Is Liberty!

    Many 'solutions' presented by our elected Representatives are little more than trade-offs, trading one problem for another. We need Representatives who will look beyond the intent of their legislative agenda, and focus on all possible outcomes of what is legislated. We need critical thinking Representatives with reality based solutions to our current economic situation, our illegal immigration dilemma, high unemployment, the continual intrusion of government into our private lives, and myriad other problems.

    Half of our income goes to the government in one form of tax or another. Government picks winners and losers in the business community to decide to whom they will give taxpayer funded incentives. The lottery has merely replaced tax monies previously used to fund certain school programs, and the tax monies withdrawn were used to fund new programs which we now have to pay for year after year.

    The real issue today is Liberty, because we are losing our freedom with each and every tax increase, spending increase, and law or regulation imposed upon us. I will work toward a reduction in spending, a reduction in taxes, a reduction of the regulatory burden on small business, a viable resolution to our illegal immigration situation, and a reduction of the influence of government on our daily lives.

    Though I will have only one vote in the General Assembly, I intend to work to sway other Representatives to stand up to the unconstitutional mandates from the federal government and to remind them that we work for the people of our Districts and the citizens of North Carolina.

    All of this because, in the end, the real issue is one of Liberty!

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