"What the government gives, it must first take away." -- John Strider Coleman

Election Season

We are, once again, in the midst of the Election season, and it will get interesting.

We must all get involved, as Candidates or as Voters, or both. This is not a spectator sport, and all Citizens should be involved, at a minimum, to the degree that they know the qualities and backgrounds of the Candidates, as well as their voting records if they are incumbents or have served in the past.

The Candidates owe it to the Citizens to present a fair and accurate presentation of their positions and their backgrounds. One suggestion is for all of us to pay little attention to mail propaganda.

For example, if an Incumbent voted against a budget that he/she thought was too bloated, you can expect his/her opponent to send mailers or TV or radio ads stating that the Candidate '...voted against Grandma's Social Security', or other such nonsense. If you want to know, ask the Candidate, not their opponent.

I don't generally discuss my opponents, as I choose to spend my time explaining why you should vote for me, not why you should not vote for my opponent.

I believe that I have an excellent voting history, in that I did what I campaigned to do.

I believe that I put through bills that were beneficial to the Citizens of this District.

I believe that I did what I said I would do if elected...and more.

I believe that I represented the Citizens of this District as I would expect to be represented, and I did it openly, transparently, while maintaining my integrity and honor.

I ask for your continued support, and your vote.

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