"What the government gives, it must first take away." -- John Strider Coleman

Endorsement Value

I was recently endorsed by the American Conservative Union (ACU). I was endorsed by another organization for my pro-life positions. I received their top endorsements.

I received an endorsement from Grass Roots North Carolina (GRNC). They are a gun rights lobby. I received only one of a possible five stars. Huh? Does that mean that I am not 'pro second amendment'? Of course not.

My Constitutional and, in particular, my 2nd Amendment credentials are not in question. What is in question is the idiocy of the procedural rules that GRNC has in place to rate a candidate.

I believe very strongly in our Representative Republic. We are not a Democracy, we are a Republic. You, the Citizens, send folks like me to Raleigh to represent you in State matters.In order to properly represent you, I must have knowledge and a breadth of ideas. I also must express the same to the other 169 other voting members of the General Assembly. In order to succeed at representing the roughly 84,000 citizens that I represent, I must have the OPPORTUNITY to speak my mind and present my ideas and amendments to bills.

Many times someone will make a motion to table an Amendment, or use some other Parlimentary tactic to kill a Representative's opportunity to serve the folks that elected him/her by preventing them from discussing their Amendment. Democrat or Republican, this is not right, and I do not generally vote to stifle debate. Because I voted NOT to stifle the Democrat Legislators' opportunity to predent their points of view and ideas on the gun bill passed this year, I got my endorsement lowered.

The President of GRNC (Paul Valone) told me I would take a hit on my rating (I had five stars last election) for voting against stifling speech, even though it was a procedural vote and not a vote against the gun bill. I was involved in putting this bill together, and certainly I supported it. I did not appreciate Valone's arrogant attitude in this matter, and I told him to do what he needed to do, but he, nor anyone else, is going to tell me how to vote. I have relegated the GRNC to the trash heap since their demands outweigh their common sense. Valone's self-importance is more important to him than the legitimacy of GRNC's efforts.

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