"What the government gives, it must first take away." -- John Strider Coleman

Liberty Can Wait No Longer

    It is High Noon in America. The eleventh hour has passed, and we have reached critical mass regarding the continuance of Liberty. The time for sitting idly by and watching the show has come and gone, we must now all become players in the game. The issue is not healthcare. It is not taxes. It is not about Republicans or Democrats.

    What is at stake here is much larger, the attacks multiplying as a cancer to our freedom. Liberty, Justice and the American Way are at stake. Sounds like something out of a Superman comic book, but there is nothing funny about the consequences of inaction on the part of Patriots.

    To the left, Patriot is a dirty word; something or someone to be made fun of. I am a Patriot, and I wear the label with pride. I am a Conservative, and I wear that label with pride. I am a Christian, and I wear that label with pride. I am a Republican, and I wear that label with pride. I am tired, and that is why I will fight. I am weary, and that is why I will fight. I am scared, and that is why I will fight. Tired of watching our liberties eroded, weary of the 'progressive' trash being heaped upon my beloved country by the left, and scared that I may lose all that I hold dear if I do nothing.

    Liberty can wait no longer for allies. Freedom can be stifled no longer without disappearing altogether. America can no longer tolerate the immorality, baby killing and degradation that has been spewed upon her for the last four decades. It is now or never, all or nothing in the fight for the perseverance of Liberty.

    Let us hope that the Divine Hand of Providence will continue to guide us and give us the strength, knowledge, willpower and determination to win this battle against those who would destroy our entire system in America and remake it in their own despicable image. Let us do it for our children, and our posterity, and let us DO IT NOW! --Michael Speciale

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